University Park

University Park is an old community in Raleigh, North Carolina. It consists of many different neighborhoods like Oberlin Village, Bagwell, Wilmont, Fairmont, Beaver Dam, Dixie Forest, and Forest Hills, which all make this collaborative community feel great.

The University Park neighborhood is bordered on the south by NC State University and Hillsborough Street. The location of this residential area means that residents have easy access to shops or restaurants as well as schools for their children who attend daycare centers located nearby too.

Additionally, this Raleigh neighborhood borders Wade Avenue on the north, Oberlin Rd and Cameron Village on the east, and Meredith College Meredith and State Fair Grounds on the west.

University Park is the perfect example of what happens when you take the time to appreciate history. The old neighborhood still has its charm, despite some homes being torn down and new buildings built in their place – but don’t forget about all those hidden secrets around every corner.

This family-friendly neighborhood is a veritable oasis of green space in an otherwise busy metropolis. With both private and public gardens, as well as wildflower meadows filled with flowers that bloom all year round–this place has it going on.

The University Park Community might be one you haven’t heard about before, but you will soon realize how perfect its location situated near fine restaurants or downtown living makes life easier while still keeping us close enough for weekend errands and school.

There are various things to do in the University Park neighborhood, from exploring the greenways that wind through it like an artery to connecting with nature by way of private gardens or public parks.

University Park is a beautiful community that offers the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. Homeowners in the University Park neighborhood can choose from spacious homes with prices ranging anywhere from $300k-$1M.

The University Park community is the perfect neighborhood to invest your money in if you want a steady flow of income. The abundance and variety of housing options make it easy for any buyer or resident, no matter what their needs are.

University Park is a sought-after area with excellent schools and plenty to offer. If you can buy one of the homes in this popular Raleigh neighborhood, snap it up before someone else snatches it first.

The University Park neighborhood is home to some of the best locally-owned businesses in Raleigh. If you’re seeking something different, Cup A Joe offers a Funky coffeehouse atmosphere with their unique blend of flavors and toppings on top of your favorite drink.

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