Boylan Heights

Boylan Heights is among the most picturesque neighborhoods in Raleigh, North Carolina area. You can walk or drive through here and imagine yourself living in one of those beautiful older homes that are so close downtown. Plus, with all these markets nearby, there’s always something new on offer at your favorite grocery store.

If you’re eyeing a great place to eat and drink in downtown Raleigh, head on over to Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing. You’ll love this cozy little brewpub near the Boylan Bridge.

Historic Boylan Heights is a picturesque historic district in Raleigh that was developed as one of the city’s first planned suburbs. In 1985, this neighborhood was listed in the National Register for Historic Places, and it includes homes from 1907.

Homes in the Boylan Heights neighborhood are a mix of styles, from craftsman bungalows to transitional Queen Annes and Dutch Colonials. The mature trees that line each street give it an authentic feel not found anywhere else in this area or across town.

In the southwest part of town, you’ll find a more residential neighborhood with winding streets and lush tree cover. The swooping curves of the street take you on an adventure as they lead up toward downtown Raleigh.

The best way to enjoy Raleigh’s nightlife is by living in Boylan Heights. From South Boyland Ave, you’re only a 15-minute walk to Fayetteville Street, and 10 mins walk to the bustling Warehouse District, where there are tons of restaurants as well. This makes Boylan Heights the ideal community if you’re eyeing the great amenities and proximity to some of Raleigh’s most popular attractions. You’ll have easy access not only downtown but also to all other areas within walking distance, like restaurants with delicious food options or bars where people go after work instead of just sitting at their desks anymore.

Boylan Heights is a picturesque and truly residential neighborhood overlooking downtown. The hilly terrain lends itself to this peaceful atmosphere, as there are no restaurants or shops within its borders; however, that doesn’t stop the creative people from being entrepreneurs.

Homes in Boylan Heights are a mixture of styles, but the most expensive houses have a colonial or southern flair. There is also another type that can be found here-the, the bungalow style, which comes with more modest homes built further down below this hilltop neighborhood.

Boylan Heights is the perfect place for creatives and families alike. On S. Boylan Avenue, the spacious lots feature deep setbacks, while smaller lots are available elsewhere in this close-knit community that’s highly sought after by both types of dwellers because it has so much natural beauty right at its doorstep.

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