The Mordecai House

The Mordecai House is a historic home in Raleigh, NC. It was completed way back when and still stands today as one of only a few original buildings left standing from the early days after American settlement.

This home is a Raleigh classic and among the oldest in town, which was completed way back in 1785 when this whole area used to be farmland, which makes its longevity even more impressive.

The Mordecai House is among the most historical and educational buildings in Raleigh. It gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about our city’s early history that they will never forget.

Joel Lane built the Mordecai House centuries ago, but now it’s just one of many lovely museums in this great city. You can wander about with your loved ones on weekends and enjoy a picnic at their park while listening to crickets chirping away.

Drop by the Mordecai House to learn more about President Andrew Johnson, who was born here. You can also take a historic trolley tour that starts and ends at this landmark building. Visiting the Mordecai House is an experience like no other. Not only do you get to explore one of America’s most historic presidential homes, but you also ride alongside our nation’s history as it unfolds before your eyes on the Historic Raleigh Trolley Tours.

Want to do something cool in Raleigh? Check out The Mordecai House. This nearby historic landmark is among the most interesting places for history lovers and tourists alike! With its beautiful architecture, you’ll be able to explore an integral part of our city’s rich past while enjoying some amazing views along the way, too – all from inside this awesome museum space.

When you arrive in this historic park, make sure to stop at the Visitor Center for tour tickets and information. You’ll also find deals on gifts here as well. This is a picturesque place where you will learn about the historical roots of our community in Raleigh. It’s also an excellent spot for viewing nature and taking pictures with one another.

You can easily find the Visitor Center by following these signs through the park. The building stands on one corner of Cedar Street and Wake Forest Road, which makes it easy for visitors to get their bearings once they arrive.

What’s your favorite thing about Mordecai Historical Park? The Digital Discoveries are awesome! Learn all about history and enjoy fun activities. You’ll find out much about printable games, too, so get ready for some nostalgia-filled time with family or friends over this summer camp-like event at our historic site.

Address: 1 Mimosa St, Raleigh, NC 27604.

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