North Carolina Executive Mansion

The North Carolina Executive Mansion (NCEM) has been the home for several governors and their families since it was first built in 1883. The architects who designed this building were Samuel Sloan & A.G. Bauer, which is why you can see such an old style of architecture within its design.

The Executive Mansion is not only a place of government but also home to the people. It’s an elegant event location and historic site with many rooms that can be used for meetings or celebrations; it even has its own ballroom.

This picturesque Executive Mansion is a place where the people of North Carolina come to see their leaders and request help from those they trust. Thousands have tours given by staff every day, while others visit during public open houses or special events like holiday parades which fill up this beautiful historic building with even more visitors.

The Executive Mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a must-see for those who love historic homes. The architecture and decorating styles from different periods make this building an interesting tour through its many rooms, which include formal living spaces as well as more private bedrooms with elegant furnishings that display professional craftsmanship at every turn.

The Executive Mansion is a beacon of power in the North Carolina government, with its magnificent Victorian architecture symbolizing generations upon generations who have attended to call this place home. The tour puts you near the history that has been made here because this building can be traced back through generations of greatness.

Whether you are interested in seeing the breathtaking architecture or want to be able to say that you were there when it was first occupied, tours of the Executive Mansion must be scheduled at least two weeks ahead. The most beautiful governor’s residence interior in America, this stately home was called out by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as one that should not miss while you are here on tour.

Tour the North Carolina Executive Mansion, a beautiful home that has been in politics since 1876. The free tours are available through an informative guide at the Visitors Center with limited hours and vary seasonally, but you can guarantee your visit will not be disappointingly short.

The Executive Mansion is a historical site that has been used as both home and office for the governors since 1891. This Victorian-style mansion was designed using native materials, which gives it an authentic touch you won’t find anywhere else.

Address: 200 N Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27601.

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