Marbles Kids Museum

We all know how expensive family vacations can be, but if you’re looking for an affordable and interactive way to keep the little ones busy, then look no further than Marbles Kids Museum. Their exhibits will provide more than enough entertainment so that parents have time (and energy) left over.

Marbles Kids Museum is a place where kids can explore and learn hands-on. They have interactive exhibits, including an exploration of music at Tree Tunes; the world horticulture with Sun Sprouts kid’s garden, which provides both educational opportunities as well entertainment for your little ones! There are also other activities, such as Kid Grid (a museum devoted solely to toddlers) and BB&T Toddler’s Hollow – safety features included, so you don’t need to worry about any accidents while visiting this wonderful Raleigh institution.

Marbles Kids Museum offers laminated picture maps to borrow so that children can plan their day, and parents will be happy to have the choice of eating at its on-site café or bringing lunch for themselves. The Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre shows Hollywood hits as well as educational films on its 50 by 70foot screen, keeping everyone entertained in this family-friendly venue.

The picturesque Marbles Kids Museum is a place for kids of all ages and interests to learn new things. With dozens of interactive exhibits, summer camps with educational programs based on themes like science or history as well informational movies in IMAX Theater – this museum has something special planned every time you visit.

Marbles sparks imagination and discovery through play. They have several core initiatives: Ready Set Learn, Play builds intellectual skills for success in life; Be Healthy, Be Active- promote physical development while encouraging good health practices such as active lifestyles or sportsmanship behaviors which can lead to increased happiness.

Next up is Create Innovate Play which encourages creativity among kids who are learning about themselves by exploring their environment with open minds and experimenting without fear of failure. Connecting within our global community helps us understand how we all belong together, no matter what language is spoken.

Marbles Kids Museum has been a wonderful place to visit since it first opened its doors on September 29, 2007. The museum is full of exciting exhibits and activities that kids will love. One especially cool part about visiting this particular institution? You can play with your own marbles while learning new things, too – imagine the possibilities if they were all yours.

Address: 201 E. Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC.

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