Village District

The Village District is the perfect Raleigh neighborhood to call home if you’re seeking a little more affordability in your downtown Raleigh experience. It may be less historic than Cameron Park, but there are several shops and restaurants that will suit any lifestyle. This neighborhood was formerly known as Cameron Village.

The Cameron Village neighborhood is home to a variety of homes, but most people don’t realize that it’s also where you can find some student housing. With prices for these types of apartments rising beyond what students could afford in recent years, there are plenty who choose not to live here and instead commute from further away each day on their own two feet.

The Village District is a neighborhood of condos, where many were built in the year 1949, but there’s also some very recent construction.

The Village District neighborhood is perfect for pedestrians. The shops and restaurants in the Village District Shopping Center offer something to suit every taste, from art galleries in a formatted space or family-friendly outlets selling clothing that’s just right for your little ones’ growing frames. There’s also the option for outdoor seating at some restaurants along this strip, where kids are often seen playing while parents enjoy their meals too.

The Village District Shopping Center opened in 1949, quickly becoming an iconic part of Raleigh area. It is considered to be among the first shopping centers between Washington, DC, and Atlanta. It is considered by many experts as one who started it all – not only being able to pave the way for other similar developments but also setting standards that still exist today.

The Village District is a popular destination for shoppers and diners alike. Whether you’re eyeing escaping the chaos of city life or just need some time out from your busy schedule, this quaint little area has something that will suit every need.

You’ll love living in this beautiful community. Your prime location makes it easy for you to enjoy all that downtown Raleigh has to offer as well as attractions like Research Triangle Park and the airport. You can also get around easily since you’re only a 6-minute drive to downtown, a 20-minute drive to Research Triangle Park, and 18-minutes to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

The Village District is ideal if you’re seeking starter homes on large lots and a suburban vibe. This Raleigh neighborhood has become more popular with young professionals and families who are priced out of downtown living but still want access.

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