Pullen Park

The first public park in the state of North Carolina, Pullen Park, is an exquisite 66-acre grounds that offer more than your typical city parks. Visitors can take rides on the Gustave A Dentzel Carousel and C.P Huntington miniature train for their enjoyment, as well as rent pedal boats or kiddie boats to cruise around Lake Howell (a great spot if you’re looking for some peace).

Pullen Park, located in Raleigh area, is the perfect location for kids of all ages. They’ll love playing on their huge playground with water features, and there are often shows in this children’s amphitheater! For those who like Andy Griffith Show re-runs, poses by the “Andy & Opie” statue while you’re here too – it just won’t be complete without taking pictures near one or two other iconic figures from TV history.

The Pullen Park is the ideal location to spend an afternoon with friends, family, or by yourself. The café offers delicious food and drinks while you play tennis on one of their numerous courts; if that doesn’t sound like your speed, there’s also an aquatic center where kids can go learn how to swim laps.

They’ve got sports fields for those who want some outdoor exercise as well beautiful green spaces perfect enough just graze through, but if it’s events that have been holding interest, then look no further because they host tons every month, including plays at the theatre inside, which makes them feel more than legit.

The one thing that Pullen Park has in spades is kid-approved attractions. There are an outdoor theater, arts center, and amusement arcade for all your children’s wildest adventures. Plus, you can enjoy many different types of pursuits here, too–from playing basketball to a rowing boat on the lake or picnicking with friends under shady trees while listening to our favorite tunes through headphones borrowed from parents who know what they’re doing.

The Pullen Community Center is a great place for events and meetings. There’s space available to rent, and it has an awesome outdoor patio with plenty of room in case there are even more people than expected.

The Pullen Arts Center is a mecca for artists of all mediums. The extensive equipment and Studios allow people from any experience level to create their masterpieces, whether it’s just getting started or taking up an old hobby that you never had time for before. The center hosts programs in pottery, jewelry making, painting printmaking, book art drawing, fiber arts weaving glass arts, with paintings held regularly at different times throughout the year.

Address: 520 Ashe Ave, Raleigh, NC.

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