North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The picturesque North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS), located in Raleigh, is a great place to get your science fix. You can find it conveniently located in the heart of downtown, and there are plenty of programs for all ages.

The NCMNS is a great location for kids and adults to learn about all things natural. There are two buildings: one focused on educational exhibits, the other providing insight into how scientists work with their data in order to find answers that surprise even them.

North Carolina’s natural history is explored in the Nature Exploration Center. Permanent installations include an arthropod zoo, a living conservatory, and exhibits that explore our state’s coastlines and mountain localities – all with a focus on exploration.

This science museum houses a vast collection that ranges from traveling exhibits to permanent installations, including the Arthropod Zoo and Living Conservatory. In addition to these amazing attractions, there are other great things waiting for you at this museum. From exploring our beautiful coastline or taking an adventure into deep mountain territory, all parts of NC become revealed by the way delving deeper into science with each turndown sightseeing is believing, so come explore today.

The beautiful North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has a variety for everyone. For those who want to get hands-on, like the Discovery Room, where you are encouraged by museum personnel and allowed unlimited access at your own risk or through an interactive display about dinosaurs that will make any child’s eyes light up with joy. For those more preservation oriented, there is Acrocanthosaurus- also known as “the skeleton” because it contains almost all remains from this genus, including stuffed examples which can be viewed among other Curiosities within their new home.

What’s more interesting than the science behind your favorite animal or plant? The beautiful North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has a lab where you can learn all about it. You’ll be able to see crystals growing and explore space with their interactive exhibits.

NCMNS is a one-of-a-kind attraction that features some intriguing and educational exhibits. What’s more, it houses not only an extensive collection but also serves up delicious food at its café.

This is the perfect location to take your child on an exciting educational field trip. You will be amazed by the 10,000-gallon aquarium and SECU Daily Planet while they explore science in new ways. To top it off, there’s even “Terror of The South,” which may just make this one museum visit enough for their lifetime, so hurry down today before it’s too late.

Address: 11 W. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC.

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