The oldest neighborhood in Raleigh, Mordecai, is a short drive (5 mins drive) from the State Capital Building. This is a picturesque neighborhood that has been home to many Raleigh residents for centuries. It’s located just northeast of the downtown area and within walking distance (25 mins) from the State Capitol Building, making it one if not the oldest neighborhood in this city, dating back as far as the 18th century.

Home to some of the most historic architecture in Raleigh, this neighborhood is also home to President Andrew Johnson. The Mordecai House was built over 200 years ago and still stands at its original location, giving it an authentic feel not seen elsewhere around these parts.

Mordecai is a quaint and charming neighborhood, with many homes that have been updated on the inside. The streets here are lined by trees making it easy to feel calm no matter where you go in this small townie community. There are also new developments in the Mordecai area that offer both newly-built homes and condos.

In recent years, the Mordecai neighborhood has been gaining much attention as one of the best Raleigh communities to live because its close proximity makes for an easy commute and peace. It also offers charm with its quiet setting that is perfect if you’re seeking some family-friendly fun or enjoy spending time alone at night outside on your own terms without worrying about traffic jams.

Mordecai is a peaceful and serene neighborhood that sits close to William Peace University, among the most highly rated elementary charter schools in the country. Additionally, it’s only minutes away from Peace Street, which offers you local bakery cafes as well as bars with boutique stores right on this charming street.

The neighborhood of Mordecai is a perfect example of how nature can be used as an asset and not just decoration. This Raleigh neighborhood provides homeowners with picturesque views while still being close enough for those who want easy access to downtown Raleigh, Raleigh-Durham Airport, and Research Triangle Park.

The Mordecai neighborhood is a great community for college students. Its walkability and safety make it an excellent choice during their semesters and when they’re off studying or taking breaks from schoolwork between terms. Because this Raleigh area has above-average ratings in both categories and it’s popular among other youthful residents, parents can rest easy knowing that there will be plenty of excitement here without any worries about dangerous situations arising around you while out exploring the area.

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