Joel Lane Museum House

The Joel Lane Museum House is not only one of the most impressive buildings in Raleigh, North Carolina area, but it also helped to change how people think about architecture and urban planning. In the mid-18th century, Raleigh was still mostly an agricultural community. But with its new museum house came changes that would forever alter this rustic town’s fate as it became one of North America’s most prosperous cities thanks to Joel Lane – plantation owner.

Raleigh is a city that has seen so much history in its short but vibrant life. The Joel Lane Museum House will allow you to see for yourselves what our region was like centuries ago and how it relates to today’s world with yesterday’s headlines.

The picturesque Joel Lane Museum House is a museum and house in North Carolina that is run by the NSCD (National Society of Colonial Dames). This building has been kept immaculate with its original charm intact.

As you walk up to the Joel Lane Museum House, your eyes are immediately drawn toward its heavily yellow color scheme. You can take tours that will give a great deal of information about how Raleigh came into being and what it was like for people who lived here at one point or another in time.

The Joel Lane Museum House is a historic place in Raleigh that you should not miss. It’s open from Wednesday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm, but if there are any days when it won’t work for whatever reason, then just give them a call ahead of time before going so they can fix things up.

Visit the Revolutionary world of early North Carolina. Explore how Raleigh, Wake County, and our country were born from a few people who were driven to make change happen in their lives with accuracy and compassion, told by costumed docents who personalize each tour for your enjoyment.

The Joel Lane Museum is the place to visit if you desire an immersive experience of North Carolina’s history. You can’t find a more engaging or personal way than by exploring this museum with its costumed guides who bring alive all different periods in our state’s story.

The Joel Lane Museum House is dedicated to providing visitors with an immersive experience that brings American history alive through period pieces, interactive exhibits, and engaging storytelling. With particular emphasis on the life of Col. Joel’s descendants who lived in Piedmont, North Carolina, during colonial times, as well as their interactions at home & work while masterfully balancing complexity within this slavery-era household.

Address: 728 W Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27603.

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