Historic Oakwood

Historic Oakwood is the perfect Raleigh neighborhood for you to get away from it all and spend some time alone. The houses in this historic district date back as far as the 1800s, which was after the Civil War became known here on these grounds due to their beauty that rose following such an eventful period of American history. Go see where things were done before they became famous.

Historic Oakwood is a picturesque neighborhood just 1 mile from downtown Raleigh. The homes are spacious and offer you the perfect balance between old-world charm with its grand Victorians, as well as new construction that feels modern thanks in part to our technological advancements.

Historic Oakwood is a paradise for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts. The area includes magnificent oak trees that provide ample shade, combined with restored Grand Victorians built in the 1800s as well as newly constructed homes giving you an authentic neighborhood feel while being close to downtown Raleigh.

Homes in the Historic Oakwood neighborhood are a perfect blend of history and practicality. While many residents love to get out into their yards, there’s also plenty for those who want an indoor spot with plants that will fill up any room or corner you leave them alone on. These homeowners are so passionate about their gardens that some of them have created hidden gems in the backyard.

Historic Oakwood is an excellent neighborhood to call home for individuals eyeing the best of both worlds: a warm community and proximity to downtown Raleigh. Historic Oakwood may be among the most expensive Raleigh neighborhoods, but it’s also home to some really great history. The community here feels like a microcosm of what life was like back when North Carolina was founded – small-town quiet with big city amenities close by.

The Historic Oakwood neighborhood is a perfect place in Raleigh for college students. With its walkability, safety from crime, and proximity to universities, it’s no wonder that this Raleigh area has become so popular among young professionals looking to live their best life.

The Historic Oakwood neighborhood is a highly intellectual and student-oriented area. This Raleigh community has more students currently enrolled in college than 98% of neighborhoods across America. With 28 percent of its residents attending schools nearby, this place really thrives off its educated population.

The Historic Oakwood neighborhood is home to many successful people. In this Raleigh area, 42.5% percent of the community’s working population holds a job in executive positions with management and professional duties, while 35-plus percent work as sales representatives for major accounts or food service workers such as fast-food restaurants where they are constantly interacting directly with customers on behalf of their employers.

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