Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton is a Raleigh neighborhood that has become among the most popular places to live in this area. With this comes higher prices but also great amenities like walkability and proximity downtown.

The Hayes Barton neighborhood is a perfect example of what life was like in the 1920s. The layout included some green spaces and open park areas that were otherwise unheard-of at this time period, which helped make it one suburb with an edge over others for its natural beauty.

Homes in the neighborhood of Hayes Barton offer a variety of styles and sizes, from colonial-style homes on large lots that go for over $5 million dollars all the way down to more affordable options such as Georgian-style houses, which start around 300k. The eclectic styles and sizes include Craftsman, Colonial, Georgian, Tudor, Bungalow, and contemporary designs.

A great location, close to downtown Raleigh, NC area and the hub of Five Points, is what Affluent Hayes Barton has in store for you. This Raleigh neighborhood offers various architectural styles with mature trees that provide shade from hot summer days or cool winter nights; it also makes an excellent place to walk around, considering all its shops & restaurants.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more peaceful place than Hayes Barton. Not only does it have incredible views, but residents also get plenty of land for their daily needs.

Hayes Barton has everything you need, from restaurants and shops on every corner all the way up to large single-family homes. And if it’s family time that brings your heart skipping with joy, then look no further than this neighborhood where children can play outside without worrying about traffic noise because most residences here have private gardens or driveways.

Hayes Barton is a picturesque neighborhood in which executives, managers, and professionals make up 73.2% of the workforce; this percentage exceeds that found across all other neighborhoods nationwide (97.6%). It’s no wonder, then, that Hayes Barton stands out as unique.

Hayes Barton is a Raleigh neighborhood that ranks among the 15% highest income neighborhoods in the United States. The residents of this picturesque area have average annual household earnings that exceed 93.4% of other neighborhoods across America.

The residents of the Hayes Barton community in Raleigh, NC, identify their ethnicity or ancestry as English (27.5%). There is also a number who report Irish roots (14.3%) and some German descendants (12.5%), while others possess Scottish (8.3%) or Italian (3.7%) heritage too.

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