Five Points

The Five Points area of Raleigh, NC is an eclectic mix that has been home to many historic neighborhoods for centuries. It’s located just 2 miles north of downtown and at the intersection (Glenwood Avenue, Whitaker Mill Road, and Fairview Road) between five different areas (Vanguard Park, Hayes Barton, Georgetown, Bloomsbury, and Roanoke Park), making it an ideal spot where you can find something unique in each neighborhood.

Five Points is a community of tree-lined streets and bungalows with colonial revival-style homes. There are also one- or two-story single-family houses as well as estate home populations here too. Five Point residents enjoy the amenities that this area has to offer, including large yards perfect for kids’ playmates or hosting outdoor parties during summertime when temperatures aren’t so chilly outside.

Locals enjoy the Five Points area for its combination of old and new. Convenient access to downtown makes this a popular spot, with side-walk streets that allow visitors easy mobility as well as Pedestrian friendly ambiance, making it feel like any other neighborhood in town.

The Five Points neighborhood has a small-town feel with its epicenter of shops and restaurants lining Glenwood Avenue, cafes for when you need to grab a coffee on your way out or in from work before heading off again; there are also bars where people can drink until closing time. At the main intersection along Fairview Road, one will find The Rialto Theater – which shows movies seven days per week.

This Raleigh neighborhood is among the most affluent areas in America, making it a great community to live with your family. The Five Points area has an extremely high income compared to other neighborhoods around town.

In the Five Points neighborhood, an interesting mix of jobs can be found. Approximately 66.7 percent are employed in executive and management roles, with another 18.7 percent working as sales representatives or service personnel for major companies like McDonald’s nearby.

As a resident of the Five Points neighborhood, you are part of an exclusive class that stands out for your refined tastes and cultural inclinations. You have access to great culture through frequenting museums or going on weekend boutique-ings with friends, but most importantly, it’s easy living here because we know how important having everything available at our fingertips can be. So come by any time – whether during business hours or after dark when everyone else has gone home already.

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